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Registration Agreement

1 General Rules

1.1 Please be respectful, considerate and polite to other members, if you have to fight, do it via PM, but even there, don't insult each others.

1.2 Racial or Religious propaganda and/or discrimination will result in an immediate ban, no exceptions made.

1.4 Offensive content, gore content, violent contend, especially when graphical will be removed and will most definitely result in a ban, use common sense.

1.5 Private Messaging allows members to communicate privately, if you get spam via PM or another member insults you via PM, please forward those PMs to an administrator, so actions can be taken.

1.6 No advertising or trading of goods is allowed on the forum.

1.7 When replying to say Thank You or to get access to the headers posted in a thread, please refrain from one-line replies. If you don't have anything to say, just hit the Thank You button in the upper right corner.

1.8 Do not fullquote a post directly above yours. Try to fullquote as little as possible.

1.9 To request something, please make sure you have at least 10 more or less useful posts. Also make sure what you request is actually available.

1.10 To report a post, please click on the "Report to moderator" link in the lower right corner of the post and make sure to leave a comment so we know why you reported it.

1.11 This is a forum aimed towards adult people, so cussing and swearing is allowed, just don't overuse it. If you think that this should not be the case, because you surf the site with your kids, you might want to think about the values you're teaching your kids by flooding them with pirated stuff.

1.12 The forum language is english. No exceptions. If you want to talk in another language, please do so via PM.

2 Forbidden Content

2.1 Please make sure you do not post DRM protected content, it is of no use to anybody.

2.2 Do not post any executable files, if you do you will be banned.

2.3 Do not post offensive material. If you spot potentially offensive material, please use the "Report to moderator" link.

2.4 Do not post any files by:

  • Megan Hart
  • Graphic Audio

2.5 Do not post m4b files. The ones that are available on the site are leftovers from old times.

2.6 Do not post links to filehosts like rapidshare.com or similar sites.

2.7 Do not link to any NZB files. You may link to NZB indexers like nzbindex.nl or binsearch.info, you may however not link to any search results on those pages.

3 General Posting Rules

3.1 All posts must include a cover image. Please do not hotlink images from amazon or audible, upload them to an imagehost like anonpic.ws or imageshack.us.

3.2 All posts must include quality & runtime infos.

3.3 Do not hotlink anything from anywhere, period!

3.4 The hide button – Please use the hide button, whenever you post Usenet headers.

3.5 When creating a thread, all parts of that upload must have already been uploaded.

3.6 When you upload yourself, always include par2 files, if you don't your post will be removed. The same applies when you post stuff you spotted. Always make sure to have par2 files.

3.7 Search the forums before you post to minimize duplicate threads.

3.8 If you feel the need to password your files, use the same password on all posts.

3.9 Do not post the password outside abook.ws.

3.10 Do not post the password in the open.

Probably the most important rule:
Don't be a dick!

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